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Before you opt-in to any service:
CHECK what you are actually purchasing
CHECK the cost of the service
CHECK if it is a subscription or one-off
CHECK if your phone is compatible
CHECK the terms and conditions
ASK questions if you are unsure
Keep RECORDS of what you opt-in / opt-out for
Text 'STOP' at any time to cancel

HOW do I PAY for a 19 SMS service?

Charges for 19 SMS Services will appear on your normal mobile phone bill as issued by your mobile service provider.

When viewing your bill:
  • Check that the itemised transactions match the content which you have received
  • Check that the 19 Number of the service/s that you have accessed is clearly indicated
  • Check that a Helpline number has been provided
Note: Charges for 19 SMS services accessed using a pre-paid mobile will be deducted from your pre-paid balance.

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