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Before you opt-in to any service:
CHECK what you are actually purchasing
CHECK the cost of the service
CHECK if it is a subscription or one-off
CHECK if your phone is compatible
CHECK the terms and conditions
ASK questions if you are unsure
Keep RECORDS of what you opt-in / opt-out for
Text 'STOP' at any time to cancel

HOW does it work?

A number of different Suppliers may be involved in supplying a 19 SMS Service to you.

A Content Provider creates the content for a 19 SMS Service "in house" and may also obtain some content from third party content providers. Content providers then advertise this content to customers via TV, internet, magazines etc.

An Aggregator aggregates the 19 SMS Services of that Content Supplier along with those provided by a variety of other Content Suppliers.

The Aggregator then contracts directly with a Mobile Carrier to enable 19 SMS provided by its Content Suppliers to be delivered to Customers across all Mobile Carrier networks.

In turn, the Mobile Carriers provide the billing function for 19 SMS customers.