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Before you opt-in to any service:
CHECK what you are actually purchasing
CHECK the cost of the service
CHECK if it is a subscription or one-off
CHECK if your phone is compatible
CHECK the terms and conditions
ASK questions if you are unsure
Keep RECORDS of what you opt-in / opt-out for
Text 'STOP' at any time to cancel

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm getting messages that I haven't asked for. How do I stop this?

  1. Text STOP to the original 19 SMS number (shortcode) and you'll be unsubscribed within 24 hours.
  2. Call the premium service provider's helpdesk. To look up the content provider's details, click here.
  3. Call your mobile service provider's Customer Care number for assistance.

Whichever method you choose, you will receive a message from the content provider confirming that you are no longer subscribed to the service.

How do I keep track of my spending on 19 SMS services?
It's very important that you are aware of how much you're spending on any given 19 SMS service. A reminder message must be sent by the provider each time you spend $30 on a particular premium service. You should also receive either a $30 spend notification per shortcode per calendar month or subscription reminder message every 30 days if $30 on a particular 19 shortcode is not reached.

What does an expenditure update message look like?
An example of what a $30 expenditure update messages might look like is:
"[FreeMsg] Courtesy message from [name of 19 Premium Service]. You have reached or passed $30 mobile content fees on [19 xxxx] this month. For your info only, no action required."

How long does a 19 SMS subscription last?
There's no minimum contract period applicable to 19 Premium services in Australia. If you wish to unsubscribe, you can do so AT ANY TIME by sending 'STOP' to the original 19 number. You will only be charged for services that you have already ordered up to that point.

How do I cancel my subscription to a 19 SMS Service?
You can cancel your subscription AT ANY TIME simply by texting STOP to the 19 number indicated in your subscription message or as displayed on your phone bill.

How can I contact the content provider of the 19 SMS Service that I am using?
You can call your content provider on their Helpline which must be displayed in your original subscription confirmation message. You can also locate your content provider's details using the 19 Service Finder tool located on this site.

What is SPAM?
SPAM is the term used to describe unsolicited electronic messages which are usually sent in large volumes to a large number of randomly chosen phone numbers (both fixed and mobile). The manner in which SPAM is sent usually disguises the sending party and often there is no means by which you can reply to the message. Any suspected examples of SPAM should be referred to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

Can I get a refund?
Yes - in the event that you have been charged for content which you have reason to believe was never intentionally subscribed to, then you may be entitled to a refund. Your first point of call in this scenario would be the content provider.