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Before you opt-in to any service:
CHECK what you are actually purchasing
CHECK the cost of the service
CHECK if it is a subscription or one-off
CHECK if your phone is compatible
CHECK the terms and conditions
ASK questions if you are unsure
Keep RECORDS of what you opt-in / opt-out for
Text 'STOP' at any time to cancel

HOW do I get a 19 SMS service?

19 SMS Services are typically advertised via the following mediums:

  • Television
  • Online
  • Magazines
  • SMS
  • IVR
  • Scratch Cards
In order to access a 19 SMS service you will be required to 'Opt-in' in response to an advertisement. The Opt-In model requires you to make a positive expression of consent before 19 SMS services are made available to you. An Opt-in is typically initiated in three different ways:
  1. SMS - you respond to a product offer received on your mobile phone or seen on a TV advertisement by texting a keyword to a designated 6-8 digit number starting with '19'.
  2. Online - your mobile number is entered in an online advertisement
  3. IVR - you respond to a voice prompt in an automated recorded message received on your mobile
In the case of Online and IVR based subscriptions, you will also be required to re-confirm your consent by responding to a subscription confirmation message that you will receive on your mobile handset. This ensures that consent is received by the actual owner of the mobile phone.

You should also check that your handset is compatible for receiving Premium SMS or MMS messages.


Before subscribing to a 19 SMS Service, it is crucial that you confirm the following details BEFORE you agree to opt-in.

  • Check what it is that you are purchasing. Is it a subscription or a once off transaction? (Note: Most 19 SMS Services are subscription services)
  • Check that the cost is clearly displayed in the advertisement
  • Check the frequency of billing
  • Check that a Customer Helpline is clearly indicated.
  • Check that a means of unsubscribing (opting out) is clearly indicated
It is important that you do not delete any messages received from the premium service provider once you have subscribed. The detail contained in these messages will assist you should you have any subsequent queries.

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