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Privacy Statement

Support for privacy protection
Communications Alliance recognises the importance of privacy protection and supports the National Privacy Principles set out in Schedule 3 of the Privacy Act 1988.

What personal information does Communications Alliance collect
Communications Alliance collects names, organisations and work contact details for all members of Communications Alliance Reference Panels, Working Committees and Working Groups. Communications Alliance may also collect other information regarding any particular requirements an individual may have which relate to Communications Alliance activities (such as any special dietary or accommodation requirements an individual may have to attend and participate in Communications Alliance meetings or functions).

How Communications Alliance will use the personal information it collects
Communications Alliance uses an individual's personal information to:

  • inform the person of meetings of their Reference Panel(s) and/or Working Committee(s)/Groups(s);
  • provide relevant meeting documentation;
  • inform the person of upcoming Communications Alliance events;
  • provide general information about Communications Alliance ; and
  • make arrangements for individuals to attend Communications Alliance meetings and functions, including arranging travel, accommodation, food and any other requirements an individual may have in relation to participating in the meetings and/or functions.
When Communications Alliance will disclose your personal information
Communications Alliance provides an individual's name and contact details only to other members of the Reference Panel(s) and/or Working Committee(s)/Group(s) of which the individual is a member or, where relevant, to members of other Reference Panels and/or Working Committees/Groups. The Communications Alliance website also includes the name and organisation of all members of Communications Alliance Reference Panels and Working Committees/Groups, but does not contain contact details or any other personal information.

All information from cookies is strictly confidential and is used solely for managing the website and what email notices a person receives from it. The site uses temporary cookies to manage this process while the person is logged onto the site.

How to access your personal information
Communications Alliance will, on request, provide you with access to any information that we have collected about you. To gain access or to discuss this Privacy Statement, you should contact the Privacy Officer at Communications Alliance or by telephone on (02) 9959 9111, or write to Communications Alliance at PO Box 444, Milsons Point, NSW 1565.